Since 1998, we have proudly helped our clients cut costs in their businesses. The peace of mind that our clients gain, knowing their shipments are in the hand of professionals, helps to keep their minds focused on their business and not the border.

From Canada to the USA

We offer shipping to USPS, UPS, Fed Ex and warehouse locations close to the border. We have an office location for package drop-off or if you would like to have us pick-up your shipment, our trucks will pick-up from most of the GTA and Niagara and still have your product delivered to your post office of choice in 24 hours.

From the USA to Canada

If you would like to ship into Canada our trucks can pick up from a nearby warehouse in New York and deliver to almost anywhere in the GTA and Niagara. Please contact us if you would like to know recommended warehouses or custom brokers for clearance purposes.